1. Point Of View (feat. Sofla & Zynzelay)
  2. That’s A Problem (feat. Bennie Knuck)
  3. Long Ago (feat. Zynzelay)
  4. Time Is Running Out (feat. GodsWill)
  5. Complications (feat. Antonia Jenae’, Ill Vibe, & Same Page)
  6. Overstanding (feat. Soulflower & Dr. Phil Valentine)
  7. Enoch’s Song (My Sunshine) (feat. Antonia Jenae’)
  8. La Guerra (feat. JRhyme & Filthy of NMB & Michael Velazquez)
  9. Something Is Happening (feat. Marcus Blake)
  10. D.A.D.E. (feat. Big Gutta)
  11. Lonely Roads (feat. Bennie Knuck)
  12. Justicia, Tierra, y Libertad (feat. Same Page)
  13. Tell Her (feat. Ill Vibe)
  14. Talk About (feat. Antonia Jenae’, Ill Vibe, & Same Page)
  15. Precious Moments (feat. Zynzelay)
  16. Outro
Executive Producer: Kingdom Kome

All songs Mixed by Fabian "XXX" Camacho at Miami Recording Studios, Miami, FL.

Except for Track 2 & Track 12 Recorded & Mixed by Marcella "Ms. Lago" Araica
at Hit Factory Studios, North Miami, FL.

Track 11 Recorded & Mixed by Demo at Hit Factory Studios, North Miami, FL.

All Songs Mastered by Mike Dominici at Music House Mastering, New York, NY.

All Songs Produced by Ill Vibe
Except for Track 8 Produced by JRhyme & Kingdom
Track 12 Produced by Mentor
& Track 15 Produced by Miami Bryce

All DJ Cuts done by Fabian "XXX" Camacho
All Bass Guitar played by Kavayah Amn
Electric Guitar on Track 10 by Michael Velazquez

Photography by Tabatha Mudra
Artwork by Mo' Wise of I'm Nice

2012 Walking with Enoch Music, LLC. All Rights Reserved