Point of View (Digital)


  1. Point Of View (feat. Sofla & Zynzelay)
  2. That's A Problem (feat. Bennie Knuck)
  3. Long Ago (feat. Zynzelay)
  4. Time Is Running Out (feat. GodsWill)
  5. Complications (feat. Antonia Jenae', Ill Vibe, & Same Page)
  6. Overstanding (feat. Soulflower & Dr. Phil Valentine)
  7. Enoch's Song (My Sunshine) (feat. Antonia Jenae')
  8. La Guerra (feat. JRhyme & Filthy of NMB & Michael Velazquez)
  9. Something Is Happening (feat. Marcus Blake)
  10. D.A.D.E. (feat. Big Gutta)
  11. Lonely Roads (feat. Bennie Knuck)
  12. Justicia, Tierra, y Libertad (feat. Same Page)
  13. Tell Her (feat. Ill Vibe)
  14. Talk About (feat. Antonia Jenae', Ill Vibe, & Same Page)
  15. Precious Moments (feat. Zynzelay)
  16. Outro



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